Beautiful Flooring

Byron Burford Kitchens & Interiors can also supply beautiful flooring for your entire home

Often overlooked, your choice of flooring can dramatically alter the appearance of any room. At Byron Burford Kitchens & Interiors we can offer a huge range of flooring options to suit all types of rooms and styles of home.

From real wood and tiles through to real stone, granite and marble, the options for flooring are practically endless with something to suit every taste and budget.

Professional Design Service

For each project, we will supply you with personalised plans,
3D CAD drawings and detailed quotations.

Cotswold Studio

Visit our Burford Studio in the heart of The Cotswolds
at anytime to discuss your requirements.

Beautiful Flooring

We are stone & timber flooring specialists and offer huge range
of beautiful flooring options for every room.

Bedrooms, Studies & Offices

Bespoke fitted furniture is not just for kitchens. We also offer our
full service for bedrooms, bathrooms, studies and boot rooms.